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 Product Discontinuation Notice

Dear Valued Customer,

Sorry to tell you this, but I'm discontinuing the support for all my Powerbuilder related products available at :

  • PowerBatch
  • PbGuard
  • PbInvoke
  • OptiPBL
  • PSRDump
  • PblDump
  • PerlLib

    New product licenses are not sold any more.

    The expired support plans are not extendible.

    The active support plans will be valid till their corresponding end date (typically a year after buying a license).

    As of 2014 there will be no support for the products.

    In a few months I'll decide which of the products will die completely and which will become/remain freeware or maybe open source (in any case with no support).

    A few words on the reasons.
    Over the past few years PowerBuilder has become too far from my primary interests. I don't have enough resources any more to keep all the products up to date and provide good level of support.

    If you have any question, please contact Support

    With best regards,
    Anatoly Moskovsky,

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