Tools for PowerBuilder


PbGuard is a command line utility that implements encryption of PowerBuilder applications to protect them against decompilers or unauthorized modifications.


PowerBatch is a command line PowerBuilder compiler.


PBInvoke is a PowerBuilder library for calling external DLL functions with arbitrary parameter and return types - structures, unions, pointers, etc. including function pointers to PowerBuilder methods callable from DLL code as callbacks.


OptiPBL is a console and GUI PBL optimizer for PowerBuilder


PblDump is a command line utility for listing and exporting PowerBuilder libraries / FAR plugin for browsing PBL's.


PSRDump is a utility which takes a PowerBuilder report (PSR) as input and generates a PowerBuilder library (PBL) containing the source code for all DataWindow objects used in that PSR.


PerlLib is a PowerBuilder interface to Perl

What's New
2013-02-18 Discontinuation of all PowerBuilder related products

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