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PblDump is a free command line utility for listing and exporting PowerBuilder libraries / FAR plugin for browsing PBL's.

PblDump does not modify PBL's in any way. It's a viewer only. Use PowerBatch for importing sources.


PblDump requires Windows NT/2000/XP/9x/ME.

PowerBuilder is NOT required. PblDump does not use PowerBuilder API to read PBL format.

PblDump supports PBL format of PowerBuilder 6 and higher, but also should work with libraries created in ealier versions of PowerBuilder, though this was not tested and may cause errors.

 What's new?

New in PblDump 1.3.1

  • Fixed incorrect work with readonly PBLs

New in PblDump 1.3

  • Added extracting PBL SCC data
  • Added ability to use entry time as file modification time during export(option "t")

New in PblDump 1.2

  • Added support for PowerBuilder 10 unicode libraries
  • Added conversion Unicode->ANSI and ANSI->Unicode (options "a" and "u")
  • Added ability to export only source when "*.*" mask is specified (option "s")
  • Added list file support: pbldump -e test.pbl @list.txt


PblDump 1.3.1 Stable [77 Kb]
PblDump 1.2.0 Stable [67 Kb]

PblDump source code

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