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PSRDump is a utility which takes a PowerBuilder report (PSR) as input and generates a PowerBuilder library (PBL) containing the source code for all DataWindow objects used in that PSR.

The PBL generated has the same PowerBuilder version as its source PSR.

PSRDump supports PSR's created in PowerBuilder versions 5 - 11.5. The future PowerBuilder releases also should be supported unless they introduce some major changes to PSR format

PSRDump does not require PowerBuilder Runtime or IDE to be installed in order to work.


View License before downloading.

PSRDump v1.0.3 Installer [169 Kb]

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Download the trial key and unpack it to the installation folder of the program.
PSRDump trial key, expires in a month [Unavailable]

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License TypeDescriptionPriceOrder
PSRDump v1.x Single User License You must buy a copy per each user of the product USD 59 each copy. Request a discount for multiple copies Order
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PSRDump v1.x Source Code License You get the compilable source code of PSRDump. View Source Code License USD 1995 Order.
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