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OptiPBL is a PowerBuider library optimizer. It supports optimizing PBL's created in PowerBuider 5 - 11.

There are two variants of the application: GUI and console version.

OptiPBL GUI helps you get started with OptiPBL and allows you to test most of the features. It also can generate for you command line parameters for the console version of OptiPBL.

Console version of OptiPBL can be run in batch mode. You can use it to automate the optimization process.

Note, OptiPBL does not use ORCA. Therefore, you don't have to install PowerBuilder or PowerBuilder Runtime to use OptiPBL.


View License before downloading.

OptiPBL 1.1 Stable [1436 Kb]


You are allowed to use the software for free during a 30-day trial period. If you want to continue using it you must buy the software.

Download the trial key and unpack it to the installation folder of the program.
OptiPBL trial key, expires in a month [Unavailable]

If you have questions regarding the evaluation, please, contact Evaluation Support

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OptiPBL v1.0 Console and GUI PBL optimizer for PowerBuilder 5 - 11 USD 49 ea. Order

If you have questions regarding buying OptiPBL, please, contact Support Service

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